Commit 9b934690 by Andrew Mildahl

Added new headers

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struct filenode {
ino_t inode;
bool perms[6];
/* [0] - User Read
* [1] - User Write
* [2] - User Exec
* [3] - Group Read
* [4] - Group Write
* [5] - Group Exec
struct filenode* next;
void filenode_clear(struct filenode *head);
void file_node_add(struct filenode *head, struct filenode *new);
void filenode_print(struct filenode *head);
#include "filenode.c"
#include "filenode.h"
struct permnode {
bool is_user;
uid_t uid;
gid_t gid;
struct permnode* next;
struct filenode* file_list;
void permnode_print(void);
void permnode_add(struct permnode *perm, struct filenode *file);
void permnode_clear(void);
#include "permnode.c"
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