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MSUM Projects

This group will be used as a namespace for various projects I wrote in college.

  • BACH

    A little ncurses application developed for my Software Engineering class.

  • Simple IRC Server

    This is definitely not an IRC server! It's just a very simple demonstration of a chat server written for CSIS440.

  • PermEx

    A simple kernel module PermEx (Permissions Extended) that mimics a form of ACL. It allows you to allow and deny various users RW permissions by hijacking system calls. X was planned, but never successfully implemented.

  • JChat

    A simple java chat server/client application I wrote for my final project in a Java & UI Design class.

  • JTorrent

    A bitTorrent client I wrote for my senior project. This is the second implementation, moving from C++ to Java as I had landed a job at Oracle and thought I should brush up on my Java! It works, but has minor issues interfacing with other clients.

  • Book Database

    A book "database" written for a final project in CSIS440. It uses XMLRPC calls to query the underlying SQLite database for books.

  • SimpleCal

    A simple javascript calendar I was asked to write during a job interview in college.

  • SCAM Compiler

    SCAM Compiler is a compiler I wrote my senior year in college. There are two branches in the repository that are of interest. One compiles PL/0 and the other a subset of C. The compiler compiles your PL/0 or C code into x86 assembly.